Smooth Unwanted Wrinkles With BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®

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After years of facial expressions, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. As you age, your body slows its production of proteins like collagen and elastin, which causes these lines to deepen. While some patients are willing to undergo surgery to address these concerns, others may be looking for less invasive options.

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® are treatments that can smooth out dynamic facial wrinkles with a quick and simple series of injections.

What Can BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® Treat?

Dynamic wrinkles form when specific facial muscles contract repeatedly. They appear when you are making facial expressions. Lines that can be treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® include:

-Crow’s feet (outer corners of the eyes)
-Vertical frown lines between the eyebrows
-Worry lines on the forehead
-“Bunny” lines on the nose

Dynamic wrinkles are different than static wrinkles, which are apparent even while your face is at rest. Static wrinkles are better addressed with treatments such as dermal fillers.

How Do BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® Work?

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Both of these products are known as neuromodulators and are derived from botulinum toxin A. They work by blocking chemical signals to facial muscles, temporarily paralyzing them. Using a fine needle, your provider will strategically administer a series of injections to the muscles beneath the targeted wrinkles. The effects of both BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® typically last between three and six months. Treatments can be repeated as needed, and results may last longer after multiple applications.

Which Treatment Is Best for Me?

While BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® both work to immobilize facial muscles, the proteins in Dysport® make it spread much more easily over a large area. It is commonly used to smooth out frown lines between the eyebrows. BOTOX® Cosmetic, on the other hand, can be used for a wider variety of cosmetic issues in more regions of the face. Your provider will help you decide which treatment is best during your consultation appointment.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable formulas that are used to “fill in” static lines. Typically, these are composed of a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid (a substance produced by your body). Many patients undergo a combination of treatments using dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport®. During your consultation, your provider will create a treatment plan that includes the rejuvenation options that are most appropriate for your needs.



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