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Manual microblading, or “eyebrow embroidery”, involves the precise application of pigment to the surface of the skin in the brow area, carefully utilizing ultra-fine, crisp brush strokes to recreate the appearance of eyebrow hair! Semi-permanent in nature, microblading does not require frequent re-application and avoids unsightly “spilling” under the skin, thereby maximizing the full, natural look of the eyebrows.

Microblading semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is a wonderful option for anyone seeking to improve or augment the natural appearance of their eyebrows as it augments thin and sparse eyebrows for a fuller, more luscious shape.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a revolutionary new method of recreating the appearance of natural eyebrows by carefully applying pigment underneath the skin in the brow area! At your microblading appointment, your aesthetician will help you select a pigmentation color that complements both your skin tone and your natural hair color, as well as matches your existing eyebrow hair in order to blend seamlessly and look natural. Next, she will analyze your facial structure and work closely with you to design eyebrows with the shape and size to enhance your natural contours. Once the color and design are finalized, she will utilize a very fine blade to gently and precisely deliver the pigmentation into the very top layer of skin, using a smooth, detailed feathering stroke which can actually re-create the appearance of naturally-growing hair. The precise application of the pigment to just the very top-most layer of skin prevents the pigment from “spilling” underneath the skin and the crisp, very fine blade strokes remove the risk of a blocky, artificial look. The result is fuller and naturally gorgeous eyebrows that accentuate your facial contours!
Microblading is semi-permanent, requiring a schedule of regular touch-ups to maintain ideal pigmentation levels and ensure the continued luscious appearance of the eyebrows. Immediately after the initial applications, the new brows will seem darker than anticipated; this is completely normal, and the darkness will fade over the next two weeks. At four weeks, we recommend the first touch-up in order to add pigment; by allowing the initial pigmentation to fade slightly, then re-applying new pigmentation, we avoid problematic over-pigmentation (a common problem due to the complication of knowing exactly how much color every person’s skin will accept). Additional touch-ups are recommended between 6 months to a year after the initial treatment in order to maintain ideal color, shape, and fullness.

*Individual results vary.


Initial treatment:  $299.00

4 Week touch up:  $99.00

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